During the past 28 years of working as an interior designer, Sarah was often asked by friends, as well as friends-of-friends if they could "pick her brain" for design advice.  Most of these projects were limited spaces, in other words: one bathroom, a home office, the design of a fireplace wall, a furniture layout for their family room, etc.  These clients expressed to Sarah that they chose not to contract with a design firm because they felt

  1. It would be too expensive
  2. Their project would be too small for a big design firm
  3. They felt obligated to purchase more than just the design advice.
  4. They could do most of the work on their own but they just needed someone to help them pull it all together.


Because they had a personal connection to Sarah, it was easy...they could just pick up the phone and call!  Sarah realized "not everybody knows an interior designer," therefore, she created DesignBar, a comfortable location clients can go to brainstorm their projects with Sarah and get professional, on-the-spot, affordable design advice.